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Why Servicing Your Weighbridge Is Important

A weighbridge is a significant capital investment that should last for many years, and you need to know that it’s working properly. Getting reliably accurate measurements of crop yields or livestock, for example, are essential parts of modern agriculture that need to happen day in, day out. 

As with any piece of machinery, regular use and the passing of time, not to mention permanent exposure to all kinds of weather, mean various issues can arise that you need to stay on top of. To do that, you need to ensure that your weighbridge is serviced on a regular basis so that you can be confident it’s giving you the accurate results required. 

This month, the team at Parkerfarm is going to examine the issues surrounding weighbridge maintenance – how often it needs to happen, what might go wrong if it doesn’t happen and what Parkerfarm can do to keep your weighbridge working effectively.

agri weighbridge on farming site


How often should you service your weighbridge?

There are some aspects of keeping your weighbridge working well that you can do for yourself. This can involve a regular check to make sure that any buildup of debris or water in and around it is cleared away – this could be weekly, but should be done more regularly during autumn and winter when leaves, rain and wind may cause extra problems. You could also carry out weekly end-middle-end tests to check your scale’s accuracy.

A more detailed service should be scheduled annually, and for this you’re advised to engage the services of an experienced professional. That’s because they’ll look far deeper into the working parts and sensitive components to give everything a good clean, identify any issues that require further examination and make sure that everything is in the best possible working order. 

Regular maintenance won’t just make sure your weighbridge is working well in the short term though, it’s also the best way of ensuring that it gives you many years of reliable service.


Common issues from a lack of maintaining, cleaning or servicing

These are some of the main issues that can arise if you do not ensure that your weighbridge is cleaned or serviced regularly:

  • Faulty load cells – the load cells are the most important parts of your weighbridge, but are very sensitive and can get damaged through regular use and impact, seasonal temperature changes and general wear and tear.
  • Legal compliance – your scales have to be accurate within specific legal guidelines, otherwise you’re at risk of prosecution, fines or even being closed down. A professional service in the form of an annual weighbridge calibration will ensure that your equipment stays fit for purpose. At Parkerfarm, we offer a special discounted pre-harvest calibration to ensure your equipment is up to standard at this critical time.
  • Compacted mud around key working parts and weighing points needs to be removed with water jets – professional and skilled weighbridge cleaning can do this without damaging key components.
  • Wear and tear – in the same way that an annual car service may pick up worn brakes or early signs of rust, an annual service will identify possible issues with any parts of your scale at an early stage so that repairs and replacements can be carried out with minimal inconvenience or hindrance to your schedule.


How does Parkerfarm maintain and service weighbridges?

When one of our engineers visits your premises to service your weighbridge, there are a number of key tasks that need to be carried out to ensure your equipment is up to scratch and ready for the following year. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Inspection for wear and tear – checking the condition of all working parts for early signs of degradation
  • Removal of any debris or potential hazards that could cause obstruction
  • Deep cleaning – getting right into the machinery and removing any buildup of grease and grime on key components
  • Routine testing – making sure your scales are recording accurate results


Service contracts with Parkerfarm

We offer three levels of contract, from a standard plan that includes regular visits to inspect, service and calibrate your scale to optional extras that can include emergency call-outs, labour costs and/or any spare parts. You can find more details on our service contracts page. 

Contact us now if you’d like to book a site visit or find out more about weighbridge servicing, cleaning and maintenance from Parkerfarm.


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