VRS - Vehicle Recognition System

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VRS - Vehicle Recognition

Automating your weighbridge will cost less than you think.

‘Time is money’ may be an old adage but it’s certainly true in agriculture today. At Parkerfarm, we know that accurate and rapid weighbridge weighing is essential, especially at busy harvest times. That’s why we’ve developed our VRS vehicle recognition system based on tried and tested, robust wireless technology.

Driver-operated weighbridges are fine for normal vehicles, but are not really suitable for weighing tractor and trailer combinations. Their design would require the tractor driver to get out of the cab and this not only takes time, but also has potential safety implications.

Parkerfarm’s system consists of a coded key fob transmitter, carried by the driver and external receiver connected to the Agri DD1010 weight indicator, usually located in the weighbridge office. The key fob is programmed to contain the unique details of the tractor/vehicle and the receiver can be mounted up to 100 metres from the weighbridge (depending on line of sight). One of our high-visibility RD52 external displays can also be installed to provide driver instructions.


VRS Vehicle Recognition System overview:

  • Robust wireless technology – hand-held transmitter with 100 metre line of sight operation
  • Quick, safe and secure – drivers are not required to leave their vehicles during the weighing process
  • Speeds up weighing – no need to man the weighbridge office
  • All weighing and product data is automatically stored in the Agri DD1010 touchscreen weight terminal
  • The Parkerfarm VRS can be retro-fitted to most weighbridges
  • Optional bi-directional operation
  • No mains power required at the weighbridge (unless a remote display is fitted

There are 3 open data fields available and these can be entered directly via the Agri DD1010 indicator touchscreen.

Typical examples are:

  • Vehicle tare weight
  • Product being carried
  • Field being harvested
  1. During a typical weighing, the driver drives onto the empty weighbridge (traffic lights showing green) and points the pre-coded key fob at the receiver.
  2. The system indicates acceptance by turning the traffic lights to red and initiating the weighing process.
  3. Once the weighing transaction is completed, the traffic lights turn green and the driver exits the weighbridge. An optional Parkerfarm STB80 printer can provide a print-out for the driver.


Why Choose Parkerfarm Vehicle Recognition Systems

  • Automated driver-operated vehicle weighing using RFID key fob
  • Traffic lights to control entry-exit; weight shown on large digital display
  • No need for driver to leave vehicle – weight data automatically stored
  • Significantly speeds up weighing process, especially at busy periods

To find out more about our comprehensive vehicle recognition system solution, simply contact us today.

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