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Surface mounted brocksopp weighbridge

Why Servicing Your Weighbridge Is Important

A weighbridge is a significant capital investment that should last for many years, and you need to know that it’s working properly. Getting reliably accurate measurements of crop yields or livestock, for example, are essential parts of modern agriculture that need to happen day in, day out.  As with any piece of machinery, regular use and the passing of time, not to mention permanent exposure to all kinds of weather, mean various issues can arise that you need to stay on top of. To do that, you need to ensure that your weighbridge is serviced on a regular basis so that...

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surface mounted weighbridge installation

What Type of Weighbridge Do I Need?

Modern farming requires accurate and reliable weighbridges and other weighing scales to ensure you’re conforming to all industry regulations. Getting and using the right weighbridge will not only provide you with the accurate measurements you need, it can also ensure these essential processes take as little time as possible out of your day. If you’re considering installing weighing equipment for your vehicles on your farm, you might be unsure which is the right one for your business. These are the three main options you have: Pit Mounted Weighbridge Surface Mounted Weighbridge Portable Axle Scale There are many factors that might dictate...

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grain tips in a field

Benefits of a Preharvest Weighbridge Calibration

Harvest is the busiest time of year for many of our customers and you want to be 100% certain that you have done everything you can to make sure all your equipment has been serviced and checked ready for the rush. The consequences of key machinery breaking down at this vital time are expensive and time consuming. Your weighbridge doesn’t just have to keep working, it has to keep working accurately and reliably. Therefore calibration checks should ideally be carried out every 12 months and what better time to have it done than just before the harvest rush? We think this...

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Large Digit Repeater Displays

Weighbridge Driver Terminals and the Benefits of Weighbridge Automation Systems

When it comes to the world of industry, automation isn’t a new concept. Whether it’s automating different elements of the manufacturing process or automating communication systems, we’re always striving to do more by doing less. The agricultural industry is no different, which is why this month, the Parkerfarm team are going to be talking about how you can go about automating your weighbridge and the associated benefits of doing so.   Safety A few months ago, perhaps this point might not have resonated, but given that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, automation has never seemed safer.  With regular...

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engineer fixing weighbridge

Ten Tips for Restarting Your Farm Weighbridge

With a slowdown in business over the last few months, now might be a good time to check your weighbridge is in proper working order. This will address any issues which may have arisen while it has seen little use and will ensure your agricultural operations are ready for action when you need them. It’s important to point out, for the benefit of your safety and the safety of your employees, that you ensure the proper PPE is worn when carrying out any maintenance, cleaning or checks on your weighbridge. Site protocols should be in place if work with electrical equipment...

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tractor on weighrbidge

How New Government Funding Could Help Farmers Invest in Weighbridges

The government has offered farmers £30 million in a new funding scheme to invest in new equipment such as weighbridges. The government have recently announced that as of 2019, they are granting the scheme £30 million to help farmers invent in new equipment, technologies and robotics. This will help farmers reduce costs, improve product quality and increase productivity levels in the industry. The Countryside Productivity Scheme provides funding for projects in England to help improve productivity in the farming industry, help create jobs and improve growth in the rural economy. Ultimately, the aim of the grant is to make equipment more affordable...

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Surface Mounted Weighbridge on site

Parkerfarm sells a weighbridge to Countryfile’s presenter Adam Henson

Parkerfarm are delighted to have sold a weighbridge to the nation’s favourite farmer Adam Henson and his farm. Adam Henson is famous for co-presenting the BBC’s TV show Countryfile, which airs at a primetime slot on Sunday evenings. The show regularly reaches over 6 million viewers each week. Nonetheless, besides being a presenter Adam is predominantly a farmer and runs Bemborough Farm in the Cotswolds with his business partner Duncan Andrews. Recently they have decided to expand their farm and build a new farmyard development with a grain store. Duncan told us that as the farm is growing and the workload...

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