Surface Mounted Weighbridge

As the UK’s leading supplier of farm weighbridges, we offer an unrivalled range of surface-mount and pit designs. Their modular design ensures there is always a weighbridge system for your application.


Surface Mounted Weighbridge

Whether you choose a surface or pit-mounted weighbridge will depend on a number of factors specific to your application. The good news is, Parkerfarm has a range of weighbridges suitable for both options and we can help you select the best solution.

Surface-mounted weighbridges have the advantage, that they do not need a dedicated concrete pit with drainage. As long as you have a structurally sound, flat concrete base with access, then a surface weighbridge can be installed. Access to the weighbridge is typically achieved via ramps – these can be steel or concrete. Concrete ramps are cast in situ and require steel end frames within the concrete for strength. (It should be remembered that all weighbridges need a small controlled amount of movement, end to end).


Surface – Pit Crossover

Depending on the location of where your weighbridge is to be installed, (with some imaginative civil works), it is possible to install a surface weighbridge where the concrete approach ramps are level. This design speeds up weighing and leaves the sides of the weighbridge open.


Weighbridge Hire

Hiring a surface weighbridge from us offers a number of advantages and doesn’t tie up your capital.

We offer hire periods to suit your requirements and our weighbridge hire packages include full installations, as well as weights and measures stamping if required. Both permanent and portable options are available, together with a range of weight indicators and instrumentation.

All you need is a level, load-bearing base and we are happy to discuss the requirements for this. The modular design of our weighbridges together with the robust steel approach ramps, facilitate installation.


Why Choose a Surface Mounted Weighbridge

  • Low cost, single day installation on any firm, level concrete base
  • Optional steel ramps allow for easy weighbridge relocation if required
  • Lengths and capacities to suit all sizes/combinations of farm and road haulage vehicles
  • Steel and ‘pour on site’ concrete versions

For more information and advice, speak to your local weighbridge experts at Parkerfarm today.

Ensuring that your weighbridge maintains optimal accuracy and reliability, our field-based engineers offer comprehensive nationwide services and support, to ensure your business always runs smoothly. If you would like to know more about who we are and what we do, get in touch with our friendly team today.



Surface Mounted Weighbridge Range

Agrideck Surface Mounted Weighbridge

The Parkerfarm surface mount Agrideck, is a robust and versatile trade weighbridge, used by farmers throughout the UK. The tried and tested design ensures optimum strength and reliability, whilst the modular steel structure allows us to manufacture the perfect length, width and capacity weighbridge for your application. The checker plate deck provides a durable skid-resistant surface. The surface mounted version is easy to install and key features include:

  • Lengths from 8 metres up to 22 metres - widths up to 4 metres
  • Capacities up to 80 tonnes
  • Trade-approved versions available as standard
  • Stainless steel, weld-sealed load cells and rodent proof cables
  • Optional steel ramps and side rails
  • Wide range of weight indicators and weighing instrumentation
  • Driver-operated versions (VRS) for optimum weighing throughput

Agrideck SB Surface Mounted Weighbridge

Our surface mounted Agrideck SB offers the ideal trade weighbridge for today’s price-conscious market. This all-steel, 18-metre weighbridge is designed to withstand harsh agricultural environments. The manufacturing process uses automated welding techniques and the checker plate deck provides a durable skid-resistant surface. The surface-mounted version is easy to install and can be supplied with optional steel ramps and end buffer frame for single-ended entry/exit installations. Key features include:

    • Standard sizes 18 x 3.0 metres and 18 x 3.2 metres
    • Capacities 50 and 60 tonnes
    • Low height – only 400 mm (optional 300 mm)
    • Side rails fitted as standard
    • Trade-approved
    • Stainless steel, weld-sealed load cells and rodent-proof cables
    • Can be installed with steel or cast in concrete ramps
    • Wide range of weight indicators and weighing instrumentation
    • Driver-operated versions (VRS) for optimum vehicle weighing throughput

Agrideck CC Concrete Surface Mounted Weighbridge

Ideal for agricultural applications, concrete weighbridges can work for a wide range of applications. Our surface mounted concrete Agrideck is built using ready-mixed concrete contained within a lightweight prefabricated steel frame with integral reinforcing bars and base. This solution is cost-effective, easy to install and offers customers a strong and maintenance-free, weighing deck.

  • Trade-approved
  • Low profile design – only 400 mm high
  • Low-maintenance deck
  • Lightweight steel sub-frame for ease of transportation and installation
  • Concrete poured on site
  • Non-standard widths & lengths in capacities up to 80 t
  • Stainless steel, waterproof load cells (IP69K)
  • Optional side rails and steel ramps
  • Wide range of weight indicators
  • Driver-managed weighing (VRS) option for fast weighing

Agrideck DT Weighbridge

Our Agrideck DT surface weighbridge is designed for high-capacity vehicle weighing in the harshest of working environments. We have been manufacturing this traditional side-beam weighbridge design for over 35 years and the fully welded, drive-through steel structure is designed to withstand very high concentrated loads and continual use. Features of Agrideck DT Surface Weighbridge:

  • Trade-approved
  • Wide range of lengths and widths up to 150 t capacity
  • Ideal for weighing large off-road vehicles
  • Low profile vehicle entry - optional low profile ramps
  • Available as single-end entry construction
  • Side beams act as guide rails
  • Stainless steel waterproof load cells (IP69K)
  • Ideal for short term portable/hire applications
  • Can be installed in shallow open-sided pits
The Agrideck DT is now available with sloping entry-exit deck plates, which significantly reduces the length and angle of the entry-exit ramps. This design speeds up vehicle throughput, whilst the deep profile, robust longitudinal beams offer an extremely stiff structure. Contact us for expert help and advice on choosing the right weighbridge for your application. Service and support when you need it Ensuring your weighbridge maintains its accuracy and reliability is vitally important, and that's why Parkerfarm offer comprehensive nationwide service and support provided by our field based engineers.


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