Weighbridge & Scale Calibration

As the UK’s leading supplier of farm weighbridges, we offer an unrivalled range of surface-mount and pit designs. Their modular design ensures there is always a weighbridge system for your application.

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Weighbridge & Scale Calibration

It’s vital to have your weighbridge regularly calibrated and ideally, checks should be carried out every 12 months. Remember – as an owner of a trade weighbridge, you have a legal responsibility to ensure it is maintained within legal tolerances.

Inaccurate weighbridges can:

  • Make you liable to prosecution and fines
  • Result in Trading Standards closing down your weighbridge
  • Cost you money through lost revenue
  • Affect your customer relations
  • Cause overloading of trailers and lorries

Parkerfarm’s Special Pre-harvest Calibration

To maintain your weighbridge’s performance, we offer farmers a special discounted pre-harvest calibration check. This ensures your weighbridge will provide accurate and legal weight measurements throughout your busiest period and through to the following year. The test is carried out using our specialist calibration vehicle and will check the important parameters of your scale. After the test we will issue you with a certificate of compliance.

Please contact us for details on our pre-harvest weighbridge calibration offer and our service-support capabilities. We carry out weighbridge calibrations in accordance with the UK Weighing Federation’s Calibration Code of Practice, which lays down the clear legislative guidelines for the calibration process of legal for trade weighbridges and scales.


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