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What Type of Weighbridge Do I Need?

Modern farming requires accurate and reliable weighbridges and other weighing scales to ensure you’re conforming to all industry regulations. Getting and using the right weighbridge will not only provide you with the accurate measurements you need, it can also ensure these essential processes take as little time as possible out of your day.

If you’re considering installing weighing equipment for your vehicles on your farm, you might be unsure which is the right one for your business. These are the three main options you have:

There are many factors that might dictate which of these to go for, including your budget, site conditions and how often you’re likely to use it. 

This month, the team at Parkerfarm is taking a look at the difference between the weighbridges to discover what they can be used for, their individual advantages and disadvantages and what factors might determine whether they might be suitable for you and your business.

Pit Mounted Weighbridge

Pit Mounted Weighbridge

As the name suggests, these weighbridges are installed into a pit constructed in the ground. Installing it in this way means that the top of the scale is level with the ground.

Initially more expensive to install – understandable given the excavation work required beforehand – a pit mounted weighbridge nevertheless has numerous advantages over other options. 

Firstly, by eliminating the need for the ramps required for a surface mounted weighbridge, you make accessing and exiting the scale quicker, easier and safer. 

Pit mounted weighbridges are also a good choice for those with limited space to work with. Because the scale is level with the ground, it can be traversed from any direction, meaning that it doesn’t have to be a dedicated space, unlike the space required for a surface mounted weighbridge which cannot be used for any other purpose.


Surface Mounted Weighbridge

Surface Mounted Weighbridge on site

A surface mounted weighbridge is placed on the ground, meaning that no excavation work is needed – except for where the weighbridge needs to be fastened to concrete pads – although you do need ramps to access and exit it. By removing the need for a pit, this weighbridge is considerably cheaper to install and easier to maintain than the pit mounted alternative.

On the other hand, your trucks need to access and exit the scale via ramps that will add between three and five metres at each end; add in the space at the sides to allow for rails and other safety equipment and you’ll be losing a considerable amount of space that can’t be used for any other purpose. For those working in limited space, this could be a real issue.


Portable Axle Scale



Sometimes it’s easier to bring the scales to the truck than to take the truck to the scales. Portable axle scales – also known as portable truck scales – give the user more flexibility, especially if they are operating over more than one site. So instead of installing a more expensive permanent scale at each site, you can take your portable scale where it’s needed at the time. 

It also eliminates any space issues, because once it’s done its job, it can be immediately removed and stored out of the way. That makes it the scale of choice for those on small sites who have only occasional weighing requirements. They are also the best choice if you’re looking at only a short-term solution.

Naturally, if you have a regular weighing need on the same site, using a portable axle scale will take considerably longer than using a permanent, fixed scale.

The major difference between a weighbridge and an axle scale is that a weighbridge provides 100% accuracy and allows you to buy and sell from the weight, whereas the axle scale gives only a guide to the correct weights with tolerances for error built in, depending on ground levels, vehicle design etc.


If you’re still not sure which of these weighbridges would be best suited to your business and premises, why not get in touch with the team at Parkerfarm? We can carry out a full, free site survey and use our knowledge and experience to help you decide on your best weighing option.

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