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Ten Tips for Restarting Your Farm Weighbridge

With a slowdown in business over the last few months, now might be a good time to check your weighbridge is in proper working order. This will address any issues which may have arisen while it has seen little use and will ensure your agricultural operations are ready for action when you need them.

It’s important to point out, for the benefit of your safety and the safety of your employees, that you ensure the proper PPE is worn when carrying out any maintenance, cleaning or checks on your weighbridge. Site protocols should be in place if work with electrical equipment or at-a-height is safe. When carrying out any of these steps, ensure you’ve erected a safety barrier to prevent visitors and other workers from accessing the area.

engineer fixing weighbridge


Clear drains of debris and blockages

On any site, there will be plenty of mud, straw, debris and other organic material which could cause blockages on or under your weighbridge. Make sure this is cleared regularly for accurate weighbridge data.


Inspect for damage to power, cables or load cell

Whether it’s corrosion from exposure to the elements or animals chewing equipment, you should check for damage when your weighbridge has been unused for long periods.


Sweep the weighbridge and the approach

It’s recommended you don’t use chemicals to clean your weighbridge, simply sweep the deck and the access paths on a regular basis.


Inspect the gap between foundations and weighbridge deck

Between your weighbridge deck and the edges of the foundations, there should be a gap which you will need to check. Where there is ‘T’ section rubber, make sure that it is in good order and properly installed.


Does the weighbridge move freely?

All weighbridges should allow a small amount of movement at the ends; ensure there is this freedom for your weighbridge.


Inspect and clean all additional equipment

As with point 1 of this process, there is peripheral equipment which will need cleaning if it has been sprayed with mud or left unattended for long periods. Take proper precautions when cleaning – some elements of your barriers and other equipment may be powered by mains.


Test weighbridge with a load

Using a small vehicle, drive onto the weighbridge to test it at the front, middle and back end. When you drive off, the scales should return to zero, if this is not the case, you may need to go back to steps 2,4 and 5 to get your weighbridge in working order.


Inspect printer and paper/tickets

Any paper or ticket system you use may become wet or damaged, which could prevent your weighbridge system from working. Check this before proceeding to the next steps.


Retest the system and peripheral equipment

Time to test again, this time using a fully-loaded truck or piece of agricultural machinery. This is a good time to test if your associated equipment and systems are working in tandem with the weighbridge.


Check calibration due date

When was your weighbridge last calibrated? If you’re still having trouble getting your weighbridge started, it may need calibration.


Here at Parkerfarm, we’re on hand to provide calibration, one-off repairs and regular servicing for weighbridges so that you can always focus more on the job at hand rather than the equipment. We’ve been helping farms and farmers for over 35 years and know the importance of having a fully operational weighbridge on your site. Contact our team today and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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