The SPT portable weighbridge is ideal for applications in the agricultural, biogas and recycling industry where short term vehicle weighing is required.

Vehicle weighing when and where it’s needed.

The patented modular fold-out design is very easy to install and sets new standards for portable weighbridges.

Available in capacities from 40 – 80 tonnes, in lengths from 6 – 18 metres, the weighbridge is delivered to site complete with load cells and cabling already fitted. Modules are simply lifted from the delivery vehicle and unfolded out onto the prepared base via forklift or on-board crane hoist. Large built-in spreader plates provide optimum support and robust, yet light weight, steel ramps complete the installation.

The SPT is available pre-fitted with either CPR analogue or CPD digital load cells and is compatible with Weightron’s extensive range of instrumentation, driver-operated terminals, control barriers, automatic number plate recognition systems and Winweigh software.

Our solar powered system is ideal for portable weighbridges in applications where mains power is not available.

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