Our VisionWeigh Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system provides a powerful and flexible tool for a wide range of weighbridge based operations, especially at remote or unmanned installations.

 The recent advances in ANPR technologies are leading to the increased integration of cameras within weighbridge applications.

The VisionWeigh ANPR camera system introduces a high level of site control and security, allowing pre-registered vehicles to carry out weighing procedures in a highly efficient manner. The system, which can be used to operate traffic lights and control security barriers, is an important asset to any driver-operated system and is fully compatible with Weightron’s powerful WinWeigh IV software suite.

Number plate details can be programmed directly into the Parkerfarm DD2050 touch screen weight terminal without the need for a separate PC and related information can include product descriptions and vehicle tare weights. The use of stored tare weights removes the need for double weighing, thereby speeding up collection or delivery procedures.

The Parkerfarm system includes an integrated illuminator, high resolution digital camera, digital analyser and on-board relays, all contained in one standard security housing. VisionWeigh’s integral camera and computer unit continually adjust the exposure, gain and integrated on-board IR lighting to maximise the contrast and readability of the registration plate. Unlike CCTV/PC systems, VisionWeigh can read dirty plates and compensates for variations in plate reflectivity, strong headlamps and adverse weather conditions.

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