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The government has offered farmers £30 million in a new funding scheme to invest in new equipment such as weighbridges.

The government have recently announced that as of 2019, they are granting the scheme £30 million to help farmers invent in new equipment, technologies and robotics. This will help farmers reduce costs, improve product quality and increase productivity levels in the industry. The Countryside Productivity Scheme provides funding for projects in England to help improve productivity in the farming industry, help create jobs and improve growth in the rural economy.

The aim of the grant is to make equipment more affordable to help the running of farms.

Environment secretary Michael Gove states:

“Farmers truly are the backbone of our rural economy and as the original friends of the earth, we want to support them to grow more, sell more and export more great British produce – all while doing good for our environment,” Gove said.

“This new funding is a wonderful opportunity for our farmers and food processors to invest in the technology they need to boost productivity, competition and, of course, sustainability as a key factor in future proofing our world leading food and farming industry.”

This funding could help farmers invest in equipment like weighbridges, which are essential in helping the smooth running of farms and increase productivity.

Parkerfarm specifically provides weighbridges to agricultural and poultry farms, designed to weigh stock coming in and out of the farm, manage storage and keep a record of inventory. For poultry farms, our weighbridges are used to weigh the birds before going to slaughter houses, ensuring farmers can accurately weigh and track their output.

More information about the scheme is listed online. Further details will be published in early 2019 when the next round of funding opens for applications.