Weightron offer a wide range of floor scales with capacities from 30 kg to 5000 kg. Products include standard profile, ultra low profile and pit mounted scales.

low profile floor scale

Floor scale applications

Floor scales are used for a diverse range of agricultural and industrial weighing applications. These include:

  • weighing produce for resale
  • weighing goods and materials for calculating shipping costs
  • small animal weighing
  • scales for counting individual products for inventory requirements
  • mixing & blending (recipe formulation)

Scales can be constructed from painted steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Both legal for trade (weights & measures approved) and non-trade versions are available.

Special ‘U’ shaped pallet weighing scales are designed so that pallet trucks can place the loaded pallets directly on the scale and our range of weighbeams is ideally suited for box weighing.

A wide range of Parkerfarm weight indicators and user-friendly touch-screen Diade weight terminals are available for use with our floor scales.

Contact us for helpful advice on choosing the right floor scale for your application.

LPS Low Profile Floor Scale 300 - 1500 kg

Ultra low profile, drive thru scale available in stainless steel and painted steel construction – ideal for food manufacturing/chemical environments.

PRM-A Hygienic Floor Scale 600 - 8000 kg

All stainless steel floor scale with gas lift platform to allow full cleaning – ideal for food manufacturing

PRM-CV Floor Scale 300 - 8000 kg

General purpose, robust painted steel 4 load cell floor scale – can be pit mounted

PRM-CX Floor Scale 600 - 8000 kg

Stainless steel version of the PRM

BPU Pallet Scale 600 - 3000 kg

Versatile ‘U’ shaped floor scale for use with pallet truck to weigh pallets and boxes – painted steel construction

WBA200 Weigh Beams - 2000 kg

Versatile portable weigh beams for weighing wide range of products, boxes and pallets

BA200 Floor Scale 30 - 600 kg

Cost effective floor scale for general purpose weighing

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