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ATEX certified process weighing equipment supplied by Weightron Bilanciai is playing an important role at the Carrs Paints’ plant in Redditch.

Carrs Paints have been trading since 1892 and building on their vast experience, combined with the most modern technologies available, the company is recognised as one of Europe’s most respected independent paint companies. To meet the growing demand for their industrial products and streamline their manufacturing, Carrs have recently moved to new modern premises and the weighing equipment is part of a turnkey project carried out by Lancashire based Ai Process Systems Ltd ( This has seen the installation of new equipment together with the transfer of existing equipment from the old premises. The new plant meets the latest ATEX requirements and provides a far more streamlined process for the paint mixing.

Weightron’s involvement has included the supply of 70 ATEX certified load cell weighing kits ranging in capacity from 3000 to 5000 kg, 22 D440IS ATEX certified weight controllers and two ATEX certified PRM stainless steel floor scales, together with on-site installation and calibration support.

The load cell mounting kits are fitted to 20 mixing vessels in three and four mount configurations. Their innovative design allows easy load cell fitting and removal whilst in situ. The mixing area is a designated Zone 1 hazardous area and each vessel has its own independent D440IS digital indicator. The units have a single and double weighing function making them ideal for dosing or filling applications. The 18 key alphanumeric keypad facilitates set up and operation, and the unit comes as standard with four electro-mechanical relay outputs, four opto-isolated inputs and two bi-directional optical-fibre serial channels. An optional voltage or current analogue output is also available.

Ai Process Systems are one of the UK’s leading turnkey consultants in process system design and project management, with extensive knowledge in the surface coatings market. As an independent contractor they have the ability to choose equipment based on experience, reliability and cost. As AiPS’s Project Manager David Podmore explains: “We have a very good working relationship with Weightron Bilanciai and one of the key factors affecting our decision to work with them on this project was the D440’s ability to operate directly in the hazardous area, without the need to install additional galvanic barriers into the safe area. This not only saves cost but also gives a much neater and professional installation.”

The PRM pit-mounted floor scales, which are fitted with D440 indicators, are used to weigh drums and IBCs. The scales consist of a one-piece steel structure, with the levelling feet directly coupled to the stainless steel load cells. This provides a simple and functional load transmission system, which ensures that the unit is both compact and maintenance-free.

The new plant is now fully operational and as David Podmore concludes: “Carrs now have a much more efficient overall system and this will allow them to expand their business. The weighing equipment is vital to the process and the Weightron equipment has come through with flying colours in more ways than one!”


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