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Last year, UK poultry farmers produced over 1.7 million tonnes of poultry meat alone, making us the second largest poultry meat producers in Europe after Poland.

However, despite production rising over 25% since the beginning of the century, British farming is unable to keep up with the increasing demand for chicken and turkey meat. So much so that last year Britain was only 73% self-sufficient for poultry meat.

Furthermore, as Brexit looms, EU imports risk getting expensive, creating a greater need for British meat production. In coming years, we could see a big boom in the market, and in turn increasing market pressures on poultry farmers and slaughter houses to be as efficient as possible and to produce a lot more meat.

Most poultry farmers are either raising birds on behalf of the slaughter houses, or to sell them directly onto the slaughter houses. In both cases, the farmers’ income depend on the weight of each load they deliver. As the poultry market has expanded over the years, Parkerfarm have noticed a need for farmers to accurately track how much meat they are sending off to the slaughter houses, and monitor how much income they can expect in return for each load. This will most likely become even more vital as demand accelerates.

Parkerfarm weighbridges offer the ideal solution to weigh and record each load of birds you send off to the slaughter houses. Additionally, Parkerfarm weighbridges can be used for other farming purposes such as weighing the feed lorries coming into the farm.

At Parkerfarm we specialise in installing weighbridges in poultry farms. Last year we installed over ten weighbridges in poultry farms, and we are taking orders for next year. If you have any questions or want to know more, please ring us on 0808 178 2513.