We have never under-valued the importance of our Customer Service and Support. There is no such thing as before and after for us: the reliability of Parkerfarm weighbridges and weighing systems is continuous and guaranteed.

Customer Service and Support

Before purchasing one of our weighbridges, software systems or industrial weighing products, all our customers can benefit from our expert advice and support to ensure the optimum solution is chosen – one that meets both present and future requirements – without compromise.

This is why we have set up such a wide-ranging, fast and efficient Customer Assistance Service that takes in everything from installation and metrological testing of the weighing equipment in operation, through to continual technical training of our operators.

It is wide-ranging because we have approved service centres staffed by highly qualified people, covering the whole of the UK, who are capable of providing a prompt and effective response to your problems.

Fast, because we guarantee telephone assistance and a quick spare parts supply service.

Efficient, because we always provide a solution to your problem to ensure that your equipment will function without interruption.