Farm weighbridges for every application

Accurate and reliable vehicle weighing

Accurate vehicle weighing plays a vital role in today’s agricultural environment. Whether it’s for checking the weight of incoming deliveries of feed and fertilizer or weighing crop yields and livestock, it’s essential that your weighbridge provides reliable weighing data day-in and day-out. In parallel, it’s vitally important that vehicle weighing is carried out quickly and efficiently, especially during busy harvest times.

The Parkerfarm range of weighbridges, software and instrumentation have been specifically designed to provide the accuracy, reliability and control you need to remain competitive and profitable. This is all backed up by nationwide service and support.

Pit and surface models

We offer both pit-mounted and surface versions (the latter are sometimes referred to as pitless weighbridges), constructed from steel, steel concrete composite and pre-stressed steel. Surface models can be installed with concrete ramps or versatile steel ramps, making it easier to move the weighbridge to a different location. We also offer transportable weighbridges, ideal for construction sites. #weighbridges

Unlike most of our competitors, we design and build all the key components in the weighbridge measuring chain. This includes the load cells, instrumentation and software. This ensures optimised weighing performance and long-term reliability. Both analogue and digital load cell versions are available. We have also developed technology that allows our weighbridges to be installed on sloping terrain (up to 1:20).

Complete weighbridge solutions

Many applications require more than just a simple weighbridge. We provide a wide range of additional equipment and software which form the basis of complete weighbridge systems. Our range of additional equipment includes: driver-operated terminals, card readers, traffic barriers and lights, large remote displays and number-plate cameras. The robust weighbridge designs have an unrivalled longevity and operate in the harshest of environments around the world.

All our products meet the requirements for legal-for-trade weighing as defined in EN45501. We provide a full weighbridge calibration service for all types and makes of weighbridge, supported by a network of engineers.

Choosing the right weighbridge for your application

A number of factors should be considered when choosing your weighbridge – review our Caveat emptor guide and How to choose the right weighbridge in the technical weighing documents download section for a quick guide.

Note: The choice for a particular application will depend on factors including maximum vehicle sizes and weights, available space, usage and, of course, budget. Most weighbridges are operated in a drive-through manner. In other words the vehicles drive on at one end and off at the other. However in applications where space is at a premium, vehicles may go ‘on and off’ from the same end. If space is restricted, we can install a single ended weighbridge which incorporates a special stop end, complete with barriers if required.

For plants where vehicles are weighed in and out, the obvious choice is to operate two separate weighbridges. Not only does this streamline traffic flow, but it also gives the opportunity to service one bridge, whilst keeping the other operational. However this is clearly a more expensive option and in many applications one weighbridge is sufficient. Our modular weighbridge designs are ideal for installation in confined spaces (e.g underneath silos).

A weighbridge should be seen as a long term investment, so it is therefore important to seek expert help when choosing equipment. Investing wisely at the outset will almost certainly save money in the future. Well-designed, well-maintained weighbridges should give years of trouble-free service.

So what are the critical design and operational issues which potential purchasers of weighbridge systems should consider from the outset? Three distinct areas need to be considered:

  • The design and build of the weighbridge itself
  • The pedigree of key measurement chain components (load cells and instrumentation)
  • Software functionality and software integration. (Future proof capability)

To ensure optimum system compatibility, there are distinct advantages for the customer if the weighbridge supplier is responsible for the design and manufacture of all critical equipment and software in these areas.

This provides practical and efficient single-source system responsibility. In addition purchasers should look at the level of after sales support that a supplier can offer, together with their quality system accreditation and relevant trade association membership.

Bespoke sizes and finishes

Please note that although we offer a wide range of standard weighbridge sizes, we can build special sizes to suit your application (metric and imperial). These are ideal for replacing existing electro-mechanical pit weighbridges. We have developed special load cell mounting hardware assemblies that fit in the pits to ensure the new weighbridge deck sits level with the ground. This removes the need for unnecessary civil engineering work to convert the existing pit.

If required we can supply special weighbridges with a galvanised finish or special marine paint.

Solar Power for your weighbridge

Parkerfarm’s solar power system provides the ideal solution for powering weighbridge installations in areas where there is no readily available mains power. This brings optimum operational flexibility in a wide range of remote applications, making it ideal for the Agricultural, Waste Recycling and Quarrying industries.

The latest solar panel technology, combined with low energy consumption weighbridge electronics and load cells, provides excellent power generation and storage. The system is made up of four elements:

  • One or more solar panels
  • Mounting support post.
  • Battery pack for storing the accumulated energy.
  • Adjustable solar panel mounting bracket.

During exposure to sunlight, the energy produced is made available for both the operation of the equipment and for recharging the batteries. During the hours of low light/darkness the weighbridge system is powered directly from the batteries.

Weigh Bar upgrade

Parkerfarm’s parent company have developed patent-pending technology to upgrade Avery Weigh-Tronix Bridgemont weighbridges from Weigh Bars to CPR-M and CPD-M stainless steel canister load cells. Find out more

Hazardous areas

For certified hazardous areas we can supply ATEX certified weighbridges. The load cells are approved for use in zones 1 2, 21 22 – gases and dusts. For gas environments the weighbridge decks can have ventilation holes to prevent the build-up of hazardous material beneath the bridges.