Parkerfarm have been providing farm weighbridges, industrial scales, weighing equipment and instrumentation to the agricultural and poultry community for over 30 years.

Our range of farm weighbridges include pit and surface mount designs in steel and steel-concrete composite. We also provide a wide range of additional equipment and software which form the basis of complete weighbridge systems.

Parkerfarm specialise is providing weighbridges to agricultural and poultry farms. Weighbridges are designed to weigh stock coming in and out of your farm, to manage storage and to keep a record of inventory. For poultry farms, weighbridges are used to weigh the birds before going to the slaughter houses, so that farmers can accurately track their output. Weighbridges can also weigh feed coming into the farm.Farm weighbridge solution


Contact us to find out how we can save you money by accurately weighing and recording your crops and livestock.

We are also a major supplier of weighbridges to the expanding anerobic digestion, biogas and biomass industries.

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